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About Bill

I am a husband to an amazing wife.  Father of 2, step-father of 3, grandfather of 1.  I love cooking for my family and love sharing that with others.  In April 2019 my wife and I sold our house and bought a travel trailer and started full time RV living.  We seriously just jumped both feet in and sold our house and emptied it all within about 3 weeks.  We had talked about it for a few years, and an opportunity presented so we flowed with it.

I really enjoy cooking and especially smoking food – brisket, ribs, fish, cheese.  I also love trying to create new recipes for my own ideas, even though I have zero culinary education or commercial culinary experience.  I am working on another start-up centered around becoming a Cottage Food business creating and selling seasonings and spice rubs I’ve developed over the years.

I spent about 11 years as an avid motorcyclist and loved riding the Colorado Mountain roads on my Harley-Davidson – only giving it up after becoming a full time RVer.  I made some home made mods to my motorcycle and that actually led to a small start-up making a few parts to order.  You can check that out at Sucker Punch Ltd. if you feel so inclined to do so.  I make a high-flow Stage 1 Air Cleaner that is fairly unique, using a CNC laser machine with some great one-off designs.  Along with the motorcycle parts I also offer a full line of other laser engraved and laser cut products, so take a gander and see if there’s something that catches your eye.

I also am a Le-Vel Independent Brand Promoter – which is to say I Thrive.  Thrive is an experience of wellness, nutrition and is done in the first 30 minutes of your day – no difficult schedules, or anything like that.  2 capsules on an empty stomach, premium lifestyle shake mix 20-40 minutes later and a DFT (Derma Fusion Technology) patch.  Find out more at my FREE Le-Vel Web Site http://billynab.le-vel.com/

For work, I am a software engineer with over 10 years senior level experience.  I began my IT career in 1995 performing phone support for GTInteractive, the then distributor of games such as Doom!, Heretic and Hexen, some of the godfathers of modern gaming!  I’ve worked for several high profile companies in that time and have delivered production software in a variety of platforms, languages and environment.s

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