Web Design & Development

I am pleased to once again be offering my freelance web design and development services!  I am an industry veteran with over 15 years of professional web design and development experience, have worked for or contracted to several top brands/companies and am excited to help your business create or update an online presence that is modern, mobile, and most of all works to get the results you want.

I specialize in Full-Stack development – that is to say I have the experience necessary to create the underlying data structure and database, middle tier connectivity to the data as well as a fantastic user interface for your users.  This allows a tightly integrated solution for your business from a single source, rather than needing to use multiple freelancers, organizations or businesses to complete your project.

From designing the site architecture (layout, flow, user experience, underlying data structure, database), to developing the code, implementing third-party systems (payment systems, external content APIs, data feeds etc.) and launching on your host platform of choice, your experience will be smooth, enjoyable and professional.

I specialize in websites built using Microsoft .Net technologies, Angular, and other modern frameworks.  I also specialize in WordPress installation, customization and integration.  Depending upon your needs, I will tailor the solution to fit and work the best within your budget and time concerns.

Basic Product & Service Packages

The fastest and easiest way to get online or rework your existing online presence.  These predefined packages are a great way to get the maximum value in the quickest amount of time.

Basic Presence

  • WordPress Install
  • Complete Setup of WordPress
  • Installation of your Theme of choice
  • Basic theme customization
  • Complete menu/navigation setup
  • Setup of your branding/images/logo
  • Page creation (up to 5 pages including about, contact, etc)
  • Simple category setup


Enhanced Presence

  • WordPress Install
  • Complete Setup of WordPress
  • Installation of your Theme of choice
  • Advanced theme customization
  • Complete menu/navigation setup
  • Setup of your branding/images/logo
  • Unlimited page creation
  • Complete category setup
  • Integration with plugins and plugin setup (analytics, extra editors, galleries, carousels etc)
  • Minor plugin customization
  • Integration with existing site as a blog addon
  • Integration with e-commerce (such as woo commerce etc)


Advanced Presence*

  • Completely customized WordPress OR completely custom .Net site built from scratch
  • Complete integration with internal and external systems
  • Integration with payment processors
  • E-commerce setup (either custom built or using available products such as Prestashop, Magento etc)
  • Integration with other software products such as mailing list, social platforms
  • A complete one-off solution custom to your business needs

Starting At $5000

*This package is completely customized development – turn around time is longer than other two packages


I first began in IT in 1994, performing technical support for Follett Software, and Doom2, Hexen etc.  After spending some time in the customer support arena, I wrote my very first static HTML page somewhere between 1995/1996.  I have been working with HTML ever since.  I have since become well versed and expert level in numerous programming languages, such as C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript and continue to expand my knowledge and skills daily.

I have been professionally designing, developing and launching websites for companies of all sizes as well as individuals since 2002.  From basic single pages to full blown enterprise level, N-Tier distributed applications, SaaS application to small Mom & Pop web presence, I have done it.  I would love to share this experience with you.

Here are just some of the companies and firms I have worked with over the past several years.  I have either held full time positions with these companies or performed contract work for them.

Let’s Get Started On Your Project Today

Head on over to the contact me page to send me a message and I will contact you back to begin the process of your next online presence!